Hello star

Hello star

It’s you and me alone again tonight.

Just us.

And the great expanse that flickers in your light.

I haven’t seen you in a little while.

I know.

It’s been hard down here.

In the paradoxical cheer,

you like to call my life.

On some days I don’t need the dark,

As you know.

I do well in my unblemished face.

Once I’m blushed and bronzed


Not a soul could ever see a trace.

And then I vanish.

Each time, you know.

Into entrancing screens,

that hurt my eyes and all the space that’s in between.

You’re gone by then.

Or is it me?

Who leaves you like a fool whenever I get lonely.

Oh, how I wish it were a fractured leg,

and not this fracture in my head.

You know the one.

That splits from inside-out instead.

I’m missing you by now.


the light down here is not enough.

True. I’ve been able to succeed.

I know.

I know the drive in thunder and in rain,

so well,

so worth it for the gain.

And yes, I’ve laughed.

I’m sure.

I know the kind that ripples through the bones,

so much,

it soothes you to your core.

I’m good at loving too.

Like you.

The noble type, where you’re for them

more than they are for you.

I dance on top these pillars.

You see.

Their attempt to hold life up for me.

But the struggle is the distance

from seeing to being seen.

There must be others down here,

dancing next to me,

to the song of disconnection,

called happy irony.

If only I could reach them.

To tell them it’s okay.

That to be alone in loneliness

is never a disgrace.

Perhaps they have a star.

Like you.

I hope they do.

They only need the one,

to be the light that sees them through.

If you would like to listen to this poem performed as part of an exquisite podcast for the restless heads and racing hearts, Night Light, visit:


The voided void

I am a museum

for the voided void.

My walls speak words a millennium old.

My home it’s built in homage to you,

the displaced, the disoriented,

Resilient Jew.


I don’t claim to be facts.

nor a timeline of terror.

No, I won’t chronicle each. Last. Tremor.


Keep going.

Past the hair, the glasses, the letters unread.

Past the accounts of genocide mapped out in your head,


to the room at the end that’s made of stone.

Without heat or light,

you’ll feel you’re alone.

But the Holocaust Tower, small it may be,

was never intended to stand empty.


Stop there!

Can you hear the wail of a murdered Jew?

Who’s finally come to the surface in you.

You cry for him, and the millions more,

because who are you,

if you’re not crying for


the bloodlines of family you never met,

or the Jews in the art you’ll likely forget.


In my home… you can cry.

For all those who suffer

at the useless, wasted hands of each other.


I don’t mind,

if you leave your grief with me,

once you’ve been and done what you came here to see.


All the matters is your empathy.


An ode to the Jewish Museum in Berlin, to my family lost in the Holocaust, and to all humanity that aches by cause of one another.  


Is that you over there?

Is that you over there, without your distractions?

You seem so stranded, so bare

without your companions

Who once busied your days until they were years

too busy to give you the time for your tears


You’re frightened I see, in this world undisguised

now so eerily free

that to your surprise

You can’t know who you are when there’s nobody near

let alone when alone in this perplexing new era


You reach for assumptions you took to be friends

in the hope that they’ll cushion

what you cannot pretend

That nothing is changed in these empty streets

but for the whole damn earth that’s beneath your feet


At last, here’s the time

so go on, leave behind

the dead weight of lost time

that’s built a life undefined




You step into the hush

and look up at your eyes

now easy to spot in the purified skies

Then you pivot yourself towards the new

because really, what’s left for you to do?

But to walk and walk and walk some more

til you find yourself, you’re worth walking for


Is that you over there, without your distractions?

So quietly aware

of your autonomous actions

Which won’t ever fold to the whirlwinds of haste

Nor will ever dishonour the silence, the space

The Mirror

Let me hold this mirror up to you

For the God-willing chance you might finally see through

The beasts who play tricks on your almond eyes

And blacken your beauty with their beastly lies


Prey girl, won’t you please look into the glass

If it’s the one last thing of you I now ask

As the faces you see, they are not your own

Nor are the sins they reflect, yours to atone


What would be if you broke their stare?

Who would you see if their faces weren’t there?


Perhaps you’re afraid of what will remain

When there’s no-one left inside that frame

But an empty outline of a hollow face

Whose empty features you cannot trace


Just keep looking dear girl, and don’t look away

If you want that line to be filled in someday

For the mirror’s eyes, they are yours to see

And the mirror’s heart, well that’s yours to beat.


The Master of My War

The man standing watch at the door to my dreams

Does little to veto our guests

And so snakes and cracked planes are ushered on in

To a house of chronic unrest


He unwinds in the room where I cannot sleep

There, indifferent to my escape

When he knows that he’ll prosper regardless of whether

My dreams live in slumber or wake


He’s the lens to the eyes that unshut to my day

Spreading veils across all who pass

And while from beneath some may smile, to me they beguile

Hidden guns aimed straight for my stars


Try as I might to shield their light

It’s me against a battalion

Of belittling hisses and venomous kisses

That send me to oblivion


Still, there’s solace in the one who never brings me peace

He, the master of my war

Who, to my despairing cries commands that I

Must do better and be more


Did I choose the thoughts he blares in my head?

Or are his the only I can hear?

Then, I’ll take the love that I know – the one in my shadow

So I’m not alone with my fear

In the Rose Garden

I have a little secret

That I’d like to share with you

For when your will is beat and bruised

And stained in stormy blue


Take a stroll in this here garden

And at once you’ll be beguiled

By the two resplendent roses

Who are blooming at the aisle


Breathe in their vital fragrance

It’s a scent of tickled cheer

A most sweetening reminder

That all is well in here


See how their splendid petals

Weave like lovely threads of lace

A show for the eyes that beauty lies

In understated grace


And to touch these silky flowers

Is to get a tender hug

That wraps around the body

Like a cosy cashmere rug


Still, these roses they’re robust

And their thorns they can endure

Despite bullies, bugs and other thugs

Their stems remain secure


I hear you ask, how do I know

Of these jewels our roses yield

Well, I’ve sat here in this garden

And felt how much they heal


I’ve seen them sway in tandem

Their leaves brushing with the breeze

In a tranquil dance of true romance

They move as one with ease


I’ve heard their floral whispers

Those shared in tender jest

By lovers who are grateful that

Together they laugh best


I’ve watched how both have wilted

And the other’s sacrificed

Their repository of rain drops

To revive the other’s life


I marvel at this garden

How she radiates today

Because we’ve all been bundled

In a Jules and James bouquet


So now you know my secret

It’s too precious not to share

The abundant love I feel because

Of these two roses rare

And There You Are

I scurried across the ocean hoping to find me

Certain I couldn’t be found where I had been

Swimming my way through a torrent of skies

I assigned to each lap a wilful cutting of ties

And the farther I flew from the breast of my home

The deeper I believed I’d come into my own

But as sure as the night that’s dressed in stars

So too shall we be wherever we are

To Dwell on Dreams

I thought I saw you look my way

Or do my eyes deceive me again today?

Their lusting gaze are transfixed on the haze

That thickens in tandem with truth’s decay


I see you dancing in the lofty clouds

In the realm of dreams where I’m not allowed

And it pains me so, to inherently know

That the essence of you is just a shroud


For perilous apparitions

That won’t come to fruition

Because the deeper I dive, the lesser alive

I am to my earthly ambitions


Despite myself, I still look to the blue

Up above reason to where I see you

And from there in your bliss, you blow me a kiss

Which plagues me to think you might feel it too


For my eyes are spent and my neck is sore

I must not deny where I am anymore

Among the grass and the trees, who are ever at ease

Being wedded to this terrestrial floor


No, it will not do to dwell on your star

That brightens the higher up there you are

For all that might be, between you and me

I just cannot love from a distance this far

The Stampede

Why, when I’m still

Do I hear a stampede?


The wildebeest of peace

They’re charging at me;

A cluster of dusty horns

For as far as the eye can see


You tell me,

I must let them pass

They’re to trample on me

If there’s to be quiet at last


And why, then,

When I’m in my own


Is it a stifling place?

A ghetto of memories

That I cannot erase

And mirrors reflecting

A stifled face


I ask, why does the sky

Of what ‘could be’

And the low-hanging fruit

That fall from her tree

Have me so terrified

That they’ll all fall on me?


And why. Why

When I walk towards love

Do my feet fumble and flail


Across this taut tight rope

Of misguided hope

Or is it a slippery slope?

Because I’m sliding so fast

I just might not cope


You tell me to focus

In me, please remain

You repeat this to me

Time and again

Your trust, my girl,

It mustn’t wain


Because in the end

It will all be okay

I promise you this

It’s the only way