Madame “M”

Prey tell, good sir have you ever seen

The illustrious Madame “M”

A noblewoman of such repute

They call her the crème de la femme


Ah yes, your grace I do know this “M”

She bounds from distant shores

I believe her regal blood’s so rich

It illuminates her pours


Indeed, she’s a beauty – make no mistake

This “M” is a sight to behold

A luminescent coup de tat

God marvelled at his work I am told


My lord, in his praise God is not alone

Many revere our “M” from below

Her warmth of heart and soulful touch

Are so treasured by all those who know


That our “M” is a sloppy jo’d angel

Who loves like none other I’ve seen

And to be hugged by her is a blessing

Of the most notable esteem


If you’ll allow me sir, I’d also add

That “M” has the brains to boot

She’s gutsy and impeccably sharp

Not to mention, she’s a raging hoot


Then we agree as two men of considerable stature

That “M” boasts a je ne sais quoi

And is adored by her doting girls (plus H)

For who couldn’t love the magnanimous “M” for Monika

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