The Hill of Delight

Up the hill I drag my feet

One languid step at a time

Wondering if, per chance I’ll see

My fate etched in the skyline


Darkness above, darkness below

The expanse is vast and bare

Confused, I keep traipsing up that hill

Frightened there’ll be nothing there


And then ahead I suddenly see

What I’d never seen before

Or at least I thought it new to me

But then, how could I be sure?


When I’d lived each day fixed on the ‘nots’

Afraid of what might be

If I opened my eyes, looked to the stars

And proclaimed “All is fine with me!”


So on this day when at last I saw

The world as it had always been

Each crevice and crescent bathed in colour

Alit in a rainbow dream


For it’s a curious thought that we feel compelled

To march gallantly up that hill

When the answers to each and every step

Are found only when we are still


To take that time, oh precious time

And know that the climb just might

Despite the drudgerous hill we walk

Be cause for wondrous delight

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