“Tac” (or “Dad” in Polish)

To be your own master is no modest feat

It’s a custody that the weaker may shun

But Tac being what I call a “do-er”

Rolls his sleeves up and just gets it done


My father is a chap of absolute strength

Though not a friend, adversity is neither his foe

Together they have walked and honestly talked

About the lessons Tac needed to grow


It was a voyage so far that I stumble to fathom

On a ship he sailed to an alien shore

And conquered this isle with a humble smile

Knowing he created a life most could only ask for


But like any triumph, they don’t come cheap

Work and sacrifice must be endured

And so I thank-you Tac, so very very much

For all my opportunities that you have secured


A chief “do-er” in life, Tac is also one

Who never ceases to astound

With his endless pursuits, he tirelessly refutes

To put his adventurous feet on the ground


If he’s not lost in the throws of a book

He’s riding the wave of a symphony’s tide

From his self-education to artful creations

There’s little our Tac hasn’t tried


Let’s see – he rows, he runs, he swims

He writes, he records, he films

Around the world he zaps

Sharing reindeer meat with Laps

It’s a wonder he manages to sleep!


And yet somehow, he still finds the time

To share a vodka and herring with friends

Or to help out Gas, with whatever’s troubling her most

He is a man on whom many depend


In my short(er) life it’s apparent to me

That Tac is no ordinary man

And despite some questionable attire, I do truly aspire

To emulate his attitude of “I can”


To me, Tac above all is a family guy

Who in his wisdom knows it to be

That the most veritable of all his deeds

Is the love he’s amassed from his family

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