The Little Prince

Atop the moon and beside the stars

The Little Prince sits perched on his throne

Inspecting the planets as they orbit the sun

Dumfounded at how time has flown


Just one year’s passed since he came to be Prince

Of this tres magnifique cosmos

Yet he crinkles his brow, astonished at how

It is he who is deemed to be boss


“But, Hugo!” The indelible markings of a Prince

Are all those that you do bear

That’s the reason why, you’re the Prince, not I

Said the purple elephant Mayor


“I wonder,” mused Hugo as he twiddled his toes

“Maybe the elephant’s right

Maybe it’s me, who was meant to be

The wee Prince of affection and light”


“Oh but of course, young Prince

Look how you stormed, gallantly into life

In a thunderous bolt, you brought the world to a halt

Instantly banishing all strife


“And I need not tell you the unspoken law

That a Prince must be handsome like none

So to be of dark luscious hair, from here to there

Is not a gift just bestowed on anyone”


“Yes I suppose there’s sense to your words”

Hugo quipped to his elephant friend

“My eyes do after all, melt every soul

With a blue twinkle one can only commend”


Scratching his scone, Hugo then considered

How a Prince must rule with bravado

To be hungry for peace, and fight without cease

For that slice of bread and avocado


A Prince also knows that he doesn’t know

All that is yet to be known

So with a curiosity he grabs, he shakes, twists and jabs

Any item that is yet his to own


“My Prince, you’re a prodigy of this I don’t doubt

Your brilliance echoes the moon’s

Even I, an astute elephant, see you as so eloquent

You realise you’re ‘The’ cognitive tycoon”


“And yet all this aside, my dear confident

What makes you the marvel you are

Is the love that you’ve brought and the heart that you’ve wrought

Such that yours is the shiniest star


“So then I am a Little Prince,” Hugo finally grasped

“Of this brimming expanse that I see

All the dreams and potential, and hope exponential

Are mine to embrace with glee!”

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