Goddess of Untruth

She may appear dainty

In her wispy botanic dress

But a day with her you’ll no doubt end

A blubbering sorry mess


She’ll ravage you with her oozy lips

That could lead good men to war

A mirror for those bolshy femmes

Who see only wretched whores


Her words they charm with reason

An alleged pristine truth

Though she’ll talk at you in a manner

That’s both offensive and uncouth


And you’ll listen.

With baited breath you’ll wait

For every word she spits at you

You’ll bundle and inflate


She’ll distract you with her ethos

That was never yours to bear

And fracture every pillar

That you’ve built with ardent care


She’s devilishly resilient

To break her you know you must

Swipe at her Achilles heel

With a single mighty thrust


And then resounding quiet

Cascades into the space

That’s yours to flood with streams

Of gentle loving grace

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