The Mirror

Let me hold this mirror up to you

For the God-willing chance you might finally see through

The beasts who play tricks on your almond eyes

And blacken your beauty with their beastly lies


Prey girl, won’t you please look into the glass

If it’s the one last thing of you I now ask

As the faces you see, they are not your own

Nor are the sins they reflect, yours to atone


What would be if you broke their stare?

Who would you see if their faces weren’t there?


Perhaps you’re afraid of what will remain

When there’s no-one left inside that frame

But an empty outline of a hollow face

Whose empty features you cannot trace


Just keep looking dear girl, and don’t look away

If you want that line to be filled in someday

For the mirror’s eyes, they are yours to see

And the mirror’s heart, well that’s yours to beat.


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