Is that you over there?

Is that you over there, without your distractions?

You seem so stranded, so bare

without your companions

Who once busied your days until they were years

too busy to give you the time for your tears


You’re frightened I see, in this world undisguised

now so eerily free

that to your surprise

You can’t know who you are when there’s nobody near

let alone when alone in this perplexing new era


You reach for assumptions you took to be friends

in the hope that they’ll cushion

what you cannot pretend

That nothing is changed in these empty streets

but for the whole damn earth that’s beneath your feet


At last, here’s the time

so go on, leave behind

the dead weight of lost time

that’s built a life undefined




You step into the hush

and look up at your eyes

now easy to spot in the purified skies

Then you pivot yourself towards the new

because really, what’s left for you to do?

But to walk and walk and walk some more

til you find yourself, you’re worth walking for


Is that you over there, without your distractions?

So quietly aware

of your autonomous actions

Which won’t ever fold to the whirlwinds of haste

Nor will ever dishonour the silence, the space

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