We didn’t come here for perfection

We didn’t come for black and white.
Not for days that split into seams.
We didn’t hope to ask for clarity,
From our timeless, day-less dreams.

We didn’t keep up for knowing,
That we were half way up the climb.
Not for the promise of happy conclusions,
No, we must leave inertia behind.

When words didn’t meet their meaning,
At the point they ought to have met,
We didn’t toss them into the gutter,
Far away from our furtive heads.

When we didn’t take to maintaining,
Old tropes we’d adopted in haste.
We didn’t tear apart our reflections,
When we saw your disconsolate face.

We didn’t come here for perfection.
Not for those who are right or so.
We came here instead for you,
And all that in bedlam glows.

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