Orange Juice

I never knew
A glass of juice
Would be our first together

That oranges
Taste fresh and sweet –
Not of ego or agenda

I never knew
That breakfast
Could ever be an option

That we could linger
As old lovers do
In sheets of banter
And compelling chatter

Turning nights from black to blue.

I never knew
There was nowehere. else. to. be.
That you didn’t flinch or scurry
And declare, “I’m in a hurry”

To be anywhere but here.

I never knew my defects
Could look like works of art

That my breaks and kinks
Didn’t need to be
So recklessly flung apart

I never knew you saw me
In that glass of juice we shared
Or that oranges
Could leave me
So buoyantly unprepared

For this.

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