Madame “M”

Prey tell, good sir have you ever seen

The illustrious Madame “M”

A noblewoman of such repute

They call her the crème de la femme


Ah yes, your grace I do know this “M”

She bounds from distant shores

I believe her regal blood’s so rich

It illuminates her pours


Indeed, she’s a beauty – make no mistake

This “M” is a sight to behold

A luminescent coup de tat

God marvelled at his work I am told


My lord, in his praise God is not alone

Many revere our “M” from below

Her warmth of heart and soulful touch

Are so treasured by all those who know


That our “M” is a sloppy jo’d angel

Who loves like none other I’ve seen

And to be hugged by her is a blessing

Of the most notable esteem


If you’ll allow me sir, I’d also add

That “M” has the brains to boot

She’s gutsy and impeccably sharp

Not to mention, she’s a raging hoot


Then we agree as two men of considerable stature

That “M” boasts a je ne sais quoi

And is adored by her doting girls (plus H)

For who couldn’t love the magnanimous “M” for Monika

It’s You, It’s Me

Scattered words

Aligned with none

Take refuge in the scorching sun

A question here, an answer there

Trifle matters demanding too much care

For it’s not the shape, nor form, nor lyric

Nor the cry, nor the sigh, nor the need to ask “Why?”

It’s just you and me

And the will to be

The Darling Buds of May

Our fair maidens met some eons ago

In a marvellously mythical land

Where philosopher queens reign supreme

And all hail the writer’s hand


In their world, the moon holds wisdoms

That the stars doth tussle to know

But his Moonship reserves for our princesses

The keys to his luminous glow


And with this gift our ladies wave

The tips of their glittery wands

Frolicking about without any doubt

That theirs is a sacred bond


In their kingdom they oft dance til sunrise

Sharing a world of boundless glee

Where noblewomen twirl in gowns of lace

That smell like potpourri


Chatter doth flood the sandy shores

Of their creatively cultivated soils

Our girls are seldom bereft of a topic

In which they’re not utterly embroiled


Wealth is of idle concern to our maidens

Uggh! Such puffery bores them stiff

They’d far prefer to spend their dimes

Tapping about to a jolly good riff


These two, our bosom buddies

Will forever each other adore

And on any given day, they will always say

One gives the other wings to sore

Original Sin

I can see your tilted smile

Watching me ambitiously

Knowing you had me in one breath

Expecting I’d bow out graciously

Sifting memories drizzle like sleet

Through the vast space beneath my feet

Awash with dreams that flicker like rain

One by one they dissolve in vein

Raucous noise fills the space

And then leaves without any trace

Black holes toss me in

Down she falls warts and all

With her original sin

Oh But I Shan’t

The tides have come to sweep me away

From where I came I could no longer say

Grab hold of what was

I beg you don’t let go

We’re nothing if not the love that we have sown

Spill over into me

Pour yourself out over my body

Wash away my doubt

If I could, I would, but I can’t

When I was, I might

Oh but I shan’t

Neptune’s Tide

Though the rain seeps quietly into our hearts

It eventually floods our soul with tears

And all the currents we’ve swum against

Become an ocean of realised fears


Now bleak is the sky that once guided our strokes

Unknown waters is all the future we know

Whether waves that drown or keep us afloat

It’s a life that on us Neptune must bestow


Yet faith can remove the blanket of pain

That causes within us those ripples of woe

So we can swim towards that distant life

With the hope of calmer seas tomorrow

Green Sorrow

From his silent cry

I should have heard

The deafening mutterings

Of that forbidden word


The voice inside of him

That from nowhere came

Had enslaved his body

And dressed his spirit with pain


For he knew it was time

To take his last stride

In the shoes of a man

Who had fostered false pride


And to me he wept

Unmasking his fears

Of embracing a truth

He’d suppressed for years


Now in his eyes I see

A deep green sorrow

That binds us together

As it will be mine tomorrow