The Little Prince

Atop the moon and beside the stars

The Little Prince sits perched on his throne

Inspecting the planets as they orbit the sun

Dumfounded at how time has flown


Just one year’s passed since he came to be Prince

Of this tres magnifique cosmos

Yet he crinkles his brow, astonished at how

It is he who is deemed to be boss


“But, Hugo!” The indelible markings of a Prince

Are all those that you do bear

That’s the reason why, you’re the Prince, not I

Said the purple elephant Mayor


“I wonder,” mused Hugo as he twiddled his toes

“Maybe the elephant’s right

Maybe it’s me, who was meant to be

The wee Prince of affection and light”


“Oh but of course, young Prince

Look how you stormed, gallantly into life

In a thunderous bolt, you brought the world to a halt

Instantly banishing all strife


“And I need not tell you the unspoken law

That a Prince must be handsome like none

So to be of dark luscious hair, from here to there

Is not a gift just bestowed on anyone”


“Yes I suppose there’s sense to your words”

Hugo quipped to his elephant friend

“My eyes do after all, melt every soul

With a blue twinkle one can only commend”


Scratching his scone, Hugo then considered

How a Prince must rule with bravado

To be hungry for peace, and fight without cease

For that slice of bread and avocado


A Prince also knows that he doesn’t know

All that is yet to be known

So with a curiosity he grabs, he shakes, twists and jabs

Any item that is yet his to own


“My Prince, you’re a prodigy of this I don’t doubt

Your brilliance echoes the moon’s

Even I, an astute elephant, see you as so eloquent

You realise you’re ‘The’ cognitive tycoon”


“And yet all this aside, my dear confident

What makes you the marvel you are

Is the love that you’ve brought and the heart that you’ve wrought

Such that yours is the shiniest star


“So then I am a Little Prince,” Hugo finally grasped

“Of this brimming expanse that I see

All the dreams and potential, and hope exponential

Are mine to embrace with glee!”

Terminal 1

Wandering feet follow the crowds

Across the tarmac and towards

Terminal 1: purgatory


Neither here nor there

Countless feet shuffle up and back

Along the zombie trails


Is it night or day?

No-one really knows

The humidity suggests it’s day

But the lightless windows say otherwise


It’s hard to tell if they’re coming or going

Arrivals usually escape

As departures return home

To where they’re meant to be


The in-between gate

Is a curious place

It sweats nostalgia

And sells memories in the duty free shop


Exotic bliss and postcard trips go for cheap

It’s the hope of something more

That really stings you at the checkout


Flights are often delayed in Terminal 1

Anxiety then takes off

And time checks in

Knowing of the turbulence ahead


And then you wait

You breath. You blink. You wait

Questions dart across the board

What flight are you on?

Should you board that plane?


Who can know?

And there’s no-one to ask

After all, they’re mostly in-betweeners

And the half-here care little

Of your flight plan


It’s a desolate place, this Terminal 1

White noise muffles conversation

With its satellite chatter


Boarding calls and final calls

No calls directing you to your gate

Urgently hurrying you

So you don’t miss your flight


It’s just you and the zombies in Terminal 1

“Tac” (or “Dad” in Polish)

To be your own master is no modest feat

It’s a custody that the weaker may shun

But Tac being what I call a “do-er”

Rolls his sleeves up and just gets it done


My father is a chap of absolute strength

Though not a friend, adversity is neither his foe

Together they have walked and honestly talked

About the lessons Tac needed to grow


It was a voyage so far that I stumble to fathom

On a ship he sailed to an alien shore

And conquered this isle with a humble smile

Knowing he created a life most could only ask for


But like any triumph, they don’t come cheap

Work and sacrifice must be endured

And so I thank-you Tac, so very very much

For all my opportunities that you have secured


A chief “do-er” in life, Tac is also one

Who never ceases to astound

With his endless pursuits, he tirelessly refutes

To put his adventurous feet on the ground


If he’s not lost in the throws of a book

He’s riding the wave of a symphony’s tide

From his self-education to artful creations

There’s little our Tac hasn’t tried


Let’s see – he rows, he runs, he swims

He writes, he records, he films

Around the world he zaps

Sharing reindeer meat with Laps

It’s a wonder he manages to sleep!


And yet somehow, he still finds the time

To share a vodka and herring with friends

Or to help out Gas, with whatever’s troubling her most

He is a man on whom many depend


In my short(er) life it’s apparent to me

That Tac is no ordinary man

And despite some questionable attire, I do truly aspire

To emulate his attitude of “I can”


To me, Tac above all is a family guy

Who in his wisdom knows it to be

That the most veritable of all his deeds

Is the love he’s amassed from his family

The Hill of Delight

Up the hill I drag my feet

One languid step at a time

Wondering if, per chance I’ll see

My fate etched in the skyline


Darkness above, darkness below

The expanse is vast and bare

Confused, I keep traipsing up that hill

Frightened there’ll be nothing there


And then ahead I suddenly see

What I’d never seen before

Or at least I thought it new to me

But then, how could I be sure?


When I’d lived each day fixed on the ‘nots’

Afraid of what might be

If I opened my eyes, looked to the stars

And proclaimed “All is fine with me!”


So on this day when at last I saw

The world as it had always been

Each crevice and crescent bathed in colour

Alit in a rainbow dream


For it’s a curious thought that we feel compelled

To march gallantly up that hill

When the answers to each and every step

Are found only when we are still


To take that time, oh precious time

And know that the climb just might

Despite the drudgerous hill we walk

Be cause for wondrous delight

Madame “M”

Prey tell, good sir have you ever seen

The illustrious Madame “M”

A noblewoman of such repute

They call her the crème de la femme


Ah yes, your grace I do know this “M”

She bounds from distant shores

I believe her regal blood’s so rich

It illuminates her pours


Indeed, she’s a beauty – make no mistake

This “M” is a sight to behold

A luminescent coup de tat

God marvelled at his work I am told


My lord, in his praise God is not alone

Many revere our “M” from below

Her warmth of heart and soulful touch

Are so treasured by all those who know


That our “M” is a sloppy jo’d angel

Who loves like none other I’ve seen

And to be hugged by her is a blessing

Of the most notable esteem


If you’ll allow me sir, I’d also add

That “M” has the brains to boot

She’s gutsy and impeccably sharp

Not to mention, she’s a raging hoot


Then we agree as two men of considerable stature

That “M” boasts a je ne sais quoi

And is adored by her doting girls (plus H)

For who couldn’t love the magnanimous “M” for Monika

It’s You, It’s Me

Scattered words

Aligned with none

Take refuge in the scorching sun

A question here, an answer there

Trifle matters demanding too much care

For it’s not the shape, nor form, nor lyric

Nor the cry, nor the sigh, nor the need to ask “Why?”

It’s just you and me

And the will to be

The Darling Buds of May

Our fair maidens met some eons ago

In a marvellously mythical land

Where philosopher queens reign supreme

And all hail the writer’s hand


In their world, the moon holds wisdoms

That the stars doth tussle to know

But his Moonship reserves for our princesses

The keys to his luminous glow


And with this gift our ladies wave

The tips of their glittery wands

Frolicking about without any doubt

That theirs is a sacred bond


In their kingdom they oft dance til sunrise

Sharing a world of boundless glee

Where noblewomen twirl in gowns of lace

That smell like potpourri


Chatter doth flood the sandy shores

Of their creatively cultivated soils

Our girls are seldom bereft of a topic

In which they’re not utterly embroiled


Wealth is of idle concern to our maidens

Uggh! Such puffery bores them stiff

They’d far prefer to spend their dimes

Tapping about to a jolly good riff


These two, our bosom buddies

Will forever each other adore

And on any given day, they will always say

One gives the other wings to sore

Original Sin

I can see your tilted smile

Watching me ambitiously

Knowing you had me in one breath

Expecting I’d bow out graciously

Sifting memories drizzle like sleet

Through the vast space beneath my feet

Awash with dreams that flicker like rain

One by one they dissolve in vein

Raucous noise fills the space

And then leaves without any trace

Black holes toss me in

Down she falls warts and all

With her original sin