Original Sin

I can see your tilted smile

Watching me ambitiously

Knowing you had me in one breath

Expecting I’d bow out graciously

Sifting memories drizzle like sleet

Through the vast space beneath my feet

Awash with dreams that flicker like rain

One by one they dissolve in vein

Raucous noise fills the space

And then leaves without any trace

Black holes toss me in

Down she falls warts and all

With her original sin

Oh But I Shan’t

The tides have come to sweep me away

From where I came I could no longer say

Grab hold of what was

I beg you don’t let go

We’re nothing if not the love that we have sown

Spill over into me

Pour yourself out over my body

Wash away my doubt

If I could, I would, but I can’t

When I was, I might

Oh but I shan’t

Neptune’s Tide

Though the rain seeps quietly into our hearts

It eventually floods our soul with tears

And all the currents we’ve swum against

Become an ocean of realised fears


Now bleak is the sky that once guided our strokes

Unknown waters is all the future we know

Whether waves that drown or keep us afloat

It’s a life that on us Neptune must bestow


Yet faith can remove the blanket of pain

That causes within us those ripples of woe

So we can swim towards that distant life

With the hope of calmer seas tomorrow

Green Sorrow

From his silent cry

I should have heard

The deafening mutterings

Of that forbidden word


The voice inside of him

That from nowhere came

Had enslaved his body

And dressed his spirit with pain


For he knew it was time

To take his last stride

In the shoes of a man

Who had fostered false pride


And to me he wept

Unmasking his fears

Of embracing a truth

He’d suppressed for years


Now in his eyes I see

A deep green sorrow

That binds us together

As it will be mine tomorrow

My Garden

My garden is bare

My garden of potential

Where did you go to?

Did you fly away with my butterflies

My precious butterflies, who merely sought a quiet place to rest

Or did you crawl away with my caterpillars

My dear sweet caterpillars, who only longed for the seclusion of my grass

Maybe you were blown away with my tulip petals

Oh my gracious petals, who desired but a sanction for love

My garden, my love

You are now so barren

For without my ants, what has become of purpose?

Without my flowers, what has become of growth?

And without my evergreens

Oh my brave evergreens, what has become of the past?

Only rain visits my garden now

Oh bitter sweet rain – tell me

Are you droplets from the heavens or you are tears of my soul?